What Trump is Doing: Health Care

The Senate has confirmed Tom Price, an orthopedic surgeon turned politician, as Secretary of Health and Human Services. Price is well-known for his opposition to the Affordable Care Act and his desire to cut Medicaid and Medicare.

Trump promised during the campaign that he would repeal the Affordable Care Act and he has all of the tools to accomplish it. With a Republican majority in Congress and Price as Secretary of Health and Human Services, ACA repeal is a very real possibility. The Senate has already taken the first step in repealing ACA by passing a budget blueprint that sets the stage to repeal ACA while preventing a possible filibuster.

Despite conservatives spending 8 years opposing ACA and Trump promising “insurance for everybody,” no replacement plan has been announced. If the ACA is repealed without a replacement, millions of Americans will lose their health care coverage. In addition:

  • Repealing the ACA would let insurance companies deny coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, affecting more than 4 million people in North Carolina. It would also let insurers place lifetime limits on the dollar value of coverage, affecting more than 3 million North Carolinians.

  • Repealing the ACA would no longer let parents include their children on their health care plans until age 26, leaving 70,000 young adults without coverage in North Carolina.

  • Stable health care is good for the economy. Millions of Americans would lose their jobs if the ACA is repealed, including an estimated 76,000 people in North Carolina.

What's Happening in NC

For years state politicians have refused to expand Medicaid, denying hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians access to health care, and costing our state tens of thousands of jobs. Our new Governor, Roy Cooper, has pledged to expand Medicaid, but now Republican legislative leaders are suing to stop his plan and continue denying coverage from over 600,000 citizens of our state.