Healthcare For All

We believe that healthcare is a human right for all citizens. It should be the right of all Americans to have access to affordable care regardless of health, age, or financial status.

We took a large step forward with the Affordable Care Act, and yet, the GOP has waged a 7 year war on the ACA and shows no sign of stopping. We must fight back. Healthcare should be a right, not just for the healthy, young, and wealthy, but for all. It is unconscionable that the U.S. is among the richest nations in the world and yet, we still have citizens facing living without proper, affordable care. We must continue to make it clear to our legislators that we aren’t going to stop demanding health care for all.

"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver."

- Mahatma Gandhi

What's Happening in NC

For years state politicians have refused to expand Medicaid, denying hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians access to health care, and costing our state tens of thousands of jobs. Our new Governor, Roy Cooper, has pledged to expand Medicaid, but now Republican legislative leaders are suing to stop his plan and continue denying coverage from over 600,000 citizens of our state.

Although Trumpcare is dead for now almost all of the NC Republicans in Congress voted YES to strip health care from tens of millions of Americans. They voted YES to raise prices on the sick, the elderly, and women. They voted YES to cut Medicaid which thousands of NC residents depend on, including thousands of veterans! We can’t forget, we have to let them know we are paying attention.