A Fair And Living Wage

"Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, . . . neither persons nor property will be safe."

Frederick Douglass
Our ultimate goal is to provide an opportunity for each person to create a secure financial foundation on which to build a dignified, productive, and creative life beyond economics. All Americans have the right to the pursuit of happiness and that starts with financial stability. Every person deserves to be able to provide basic needs for themselves and their families. We are fighting back against deeply ingrained policies and practices that exploit or punish the poor simply because of their economic status.

What's Happening in NC

Politicians in North Carolina have followed a simple formula over the last few years: slash taxes on big businesses and the wealthy, while making working families pay more in sales taxes and fees. Their regressive tax agenda has been great for billionaires like Art Pope, while senior citizens, small business owners and working families are all struggling.

North Carolina also has a low minimum wage at $7.25/hour ($2.13 for people who earn tips) and there has been an ongoing effort to increase minimum wage across the state. Unfortunately many politicians in Raleigh are opposed to any minimum wage hike, so it's going to take a fight to make it happen