What Trump is Doing: Economy

Initially Trump selected Andrew Puzder, a chief executive of a fast food company, as the Secretary of Labor. Puzder is known for being a critic of the minimum wage, claiming the minimum wage is already too high and an increase would only hurt small businesses. He has opposed paid sick leave and has said he believes in automation taking people’s jobs. It’s clear he and Trump do not understand what the people and labor really need.
Trump’s tax plan is also unsettling for the working class. He is planning a massive tax cut for big businesses and those at the top. Meanwhile, middle class folks will be left with fewer services and more fees.

After promising to “drain the swamp” Trump has appointed a number of current and former Goldman Sachs employees to key positions in his administration. His regressive tax plan paired with the number of Goldman Sachs businessman in his cabinet are evidence that the middle class will not be a priority for Trump.

What's Happening in NC

Politicians in North Carolina have followed a simple formula over the last few years: slash taxes on big businesses and the wealthy, while making working families pay more in sales taxes and fees. Their regressive tax agenda has been great for billionaires like Art Pope, while senior citizens, small business owners and working families are all struggling.

North Carolina also has a low minimum wage at $7.25/hour ($2.13 for people who earn tips) and there has been an ongoing effort to increase minimum wage across the state. Unfortunately many politicians in Raleigh are opposed to any minimum wage hike, so it's going to take a fight to make it happen.