What Trump is Doing: Civil and Voting Rights

After running one of the most racist and misogynistic campaigns in American history, Donald Trump is doubling down now that he’s in the White House.

What's Happening in NC

Since its passage last March, House Bill 2 has dominated in political conversation in North Carolina. HB2 states that you must use the bathroom that corresponds with your birth certificate and it prevents cities in NC from enacting non-discrimination ordinances. Because of this discriminatory law, NC has lost business opportunities, sporting events and hundreds of millions of dollars in economic activity.

In December, the NC General Assembly called a special session claiming if Charlotte repealed their ordinance, they’d repeal HB2 completely. Charlotte repealed their ordinance but politicians in Raleigh refused to even vote on fully repealing HB2. So HB2 remains on the books, continuing to cost our state jobs and money.

Voting rights have also been a hot topic ever since politicians in Raleigh passed the 2013 Monster Voter Suppression law. It dramatically restricted access to the polls, including requiring a photo ID to vote. While the courts did overturn most of the law last year, politicians in Raleigh are reportedly planning to pass another set of voting restrictions during session this year. Meanwhile, the legislative districts themselves are in question, as a federal court ruled last year that lawmakers must redraw those racially gerrymandered districts.

Politicians in Raleigh have also come under fire for a law that makes it more difficult for the public to get access to police body camera footage. In the wake of recent officer-involved shootings, there's been a push to change the law, but so far politicians have been unwilling to budge.