Democracy Is At Stake

Over the last decade gerrymandering and voter suppression have become rampant around our nation. Unconstitutional laws like HB2 and the "Muslim ban" continue to be proposed by lawmakers. We must continue to fight to make the voting booth available to all citizens, and that each vote has an equal weight. We must ensure that the rights of all are protected by our laws regardless of who you love, what you look like, where you worship, where you were born, what gender you are, or how much money you have.

North Carolina has a deep history of fighting for civil rights. And while we have come a long way, we have a long way to go. What makes America great is that our Bill Of Rights ensures that the civil and political life of our society is without discrimination or repression. We must continue to demand that these rights be afforded to all of our citizens.

“when religion is used to camouflage meanness, we know we have a heart problem in America”
Rev. William Barber

What's Happening in NC

Voting rights have been a hot topic ever since politicians in Raleigh passed the 2013 Monster Voter Suppression law. It dramatically restricted access to the polls, including requiring a photo ID to vote. While the courts did overturn most of the law last year, politicians in Raleigh are reportedly planning to pass another set of voting restrictions during session this year. Meanwhile, the legislative districts themselves are in question, as a federal court ruled last year that lawmakers must redraw those racially gerrymandered districts. Now the supreme court has ruled that the districts must be redrawn and still the NCGA dragged it's feet. With a new federal court deadline now in place we hope that finally we will have fairly drawn districts that give all citizens a voice


Politicians in Raleigh have also come under fire for a law that makes it more difficult for the public to get access to police body camera footage. In the wake of recent officer-involved shootings, there's been a push to change the law, but so far politicians have been unwilling to budge.